Quarterly award and application process

Startup Ogden awards quarterly cash grants starting at $15,000.


For Startup Ogden Members Only

Memberships are $99 a year and
$50 - $99 a month.

Please visit 2314 Washington Boulevard in Ogden, Utah (on the ground floor) to register as a member.

Payback Guidelines

Payback isn't required if headquarters are located in Weber County for a two-year period after funding for the award is received.

Payback is required if headquarters moved prior to that time.

In-House Resources

Startup Ogden has a number of members that are interested in partnering with grant companies on product development.

(negotiated between Grant Recipients and resource partners)

Report Your Progress

Semi-annual reporting of business progress is required for all grant recipients.

Grant recipients will submit an online form that includes financials, hiring and growth plans, and other related company updates.