Application Terms

By filling out this application form (hereinafter “Application”), the Applicants agree and acknowledge that Applicants are not guaranteed funding from the Startup Ogden Grant Program, and funding decisions are at the sole discretion of the Startup Ogden Grant Program Advisory Board.

By filling out this Application, Applicants warrant and represent that all the information that they provide in this Application is accurate and true to the best of their knowledge; and there is no material misrepresentation of fact. Applicants agree and acknowledge that any material misrepresentation of fact may result in a requirement to payback any disbursed funds and may disqualify the Applicant from receiving any future Startup Ogden Grant Program funds in addition to incurring other criminal and civil liabilities.

Application Directions

Please succinctly and completely respond to the prompts in this application. Where a prompt in the application does not apply to your proposed business idea, write “N/A” in the provided field.

Contact Information

I. Business -- Current Operations

II. Value Proposition

III. Market Barriers

IV. Rights to Commercialize the Business Idea

V. Development Stage of Business

VI. Next Milestones

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